Moberly Events

Feel the zest of small town American spirit. Hometown events are the cords of family and friendship that bind the community together. Keep abreast of the concerts, parades, and fairs coming up and embrace the Moberly “Magic City” spirit.


Parks & Recreation

Explore the large spreading trees and rippling lakes of Moberly’s four parks. Home to one of the largest municipal parks, Moberly prides itself in its peaceful oasis and outdoor activities. Stretch your legs, fish, boat, or kick back and relax with a picnic.

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Moberly Business

The heart beat of Moberly is found in the businesses that call it home. Thriving corporations from around the country have discovered Moberly’s hospitable Midwestern arms to be a greenhouse for company growth. Its central location, affordable labor, and inviting City Council make it a pleasant place to work and expand.

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The Magic City

MoberlyTwilightFounded in 1866, Moberly’s explosive growth in 1873 earned it the title, “The Magic City.”

This largest city in Randolph County has a legacy of railroading lasting to this day.

Moberly is the product of an 1866 railroad auction. The Chariton and Randolph Railroad connected with the North Missouri Railroad Company here. With the coming of the Wabash Railroad Shops in 1873, Moberly seemed to spring from the prairie overnight, and was subsequently dubbed “The Magic City.”
Find out more about Moberly’s history by visiting the Historical Preservation Commission.

Moberly Population: 13,974

Moberly History: Omar Bradley

OBradley-Statue-594x337A statue honoring Gen. Omar Bradley stands on the eastern edge of Rothwell Park. Bradley was born in Clark, Missouri, on Feb. 12, 1893, and became an incredibly successful general in the U.S. Army. He attended Moberly High School and was a star player for the school’s baseball team. His military career led him to command the 12th U.S. Army Group in World War II, the largest group of U.S. soldiers ever to serve under a single field commander. Bradley commanded soldiers in North Africa, Sicily, Germany and on the beaches of Normandy, France. In 1950 he was promoted to become a five-star general and served as chairman of the joint chiefs of staff.

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