Deputy City Clerk

City of Moberly  POSITION DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                                                  JOB TITLE:  Deputy City Clerk                       
DEPARTMENT:  City Clerk's Office 
SUPERVISOR:  Title:  City Clerk
EMAIL RESUMES TO:                                                        
ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:    Assists by conducting the activities of the City Clerk and in his/her absence including taking  minutes at the Council Meetings:   

I.    Accounts Payable Activities                            20% of Time   
A.    Receives bills from various vendors liquidate purchase orders and completes other processing requirements assuring for              accuracy and timeliness.   
B.    Print checks and reviews for accuracy.  Prepares report for council consideration and approval.   
C.    Disburses checks as approved assuring for timeliness.   
D.    Files all documentation, completes any required follow-up, as needed.   

II.    Insurance Related Activities                            10% of Time   
A.    Receives health-related documents, date stamps, makes copies, assuring for accuracy and timeliness.   
B.    Files all documentation, completes any required follow-up, as needed.   

III.    Payroll Related Activities                            20% of Time    
A.  Receives the completed payroll and reports.  Conducts a check for accuracy and if appropriate, distribute checks.  Files and posts as needed.       
B.    Obtains a variety of completed forms assuring for accuracy, thoroughness, professionalism, and courtesy.   
C.    Receives status form and assigns, distributes forms to the appropriate locations, assuring for accuracy and timeliness.   
D.    Regarding terminating employees, receives documentation and completes paperwork.   

IV.    Report Related Activities                            25% of Time   
Complies information for the following reports, assuring for accuracy and timeliness.   
A.    State Unemployment Compensation Insurance Report.   
B.    MIRMA Report   
C.    Equal Employment Report   
D.    Cemetery Reports, Emergency Management Report.   
E.    Insurance Premium Report for American Family, INA, Moberly Health Plan, PGY, Delta Dental.   
F.    Generates routine reports relating to airport tally, council minutes, and liquor license applications assuring for accuracy and timeliness.   

V.    Billing and Related Activities                            25% of Time   
A.    Receives request for cemetery lots, completes appropriate paperwork, posts to appropriate ledger and map, types deeds, and completes any follow up as needed.   
B.    Generates monthly billings for airport and cemetery to appropriate accounts assuring for accuracy and timeliness.   
C.    Receives data on gas consumption from each department, generates a running tally, and posts to ledger assuring for accuracy and timeliness.   
D.    Conducts voter registration activities.       

This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by the employee occupying this position.  Employees will be required to follow any other job-related instructions and to perform any other job-related duties requested by their supervisor; subject to reasonable accommodations.     

Average accessibility of all work sites required for the position.     
Average exposure to weather and temperature extremes.     
Average exposure to chemicals and fumes.     
Average exposure to heights.     
Average exposure to work safety hazards.     
Average amount of overtime\extended work hours required.     
Average exposure to dust.     
Average exposure to loud noises.     
Average exposure to darkness.     
Average exposure to cramped spaces.   

Normal physical mobility:  movement from place to place on the job, considering distance and speed.     
Normal physical agility: ability to maneuver body while in place.     
Normal physical strength to handle routine office materials and tools.     
Normal physical strength to handle 50 lb. objects, considering frequency.     
Normal dexterity of hands and fingers.     
Normal physical balance: ability to maintain balance and physical control.     
Normal coordination, including eye/hand, hand/foot, etc.     
Normal endurance.   

Completed High School diploma or equivalent.     
Proficiency with office equipment and computer.     
Ability to work with people in person and on the phone.   

Normal concentration/intensity: prolonged mental effort with limited opportunity for breaks.     
Average memory, considering the amount and type of information.     
Average complexity of decision making.     
Average time pressure of decision making.     
Average analytical thinking.     
Average conceptual thinking.   

Above average verbal communication.     
Above average written communication.     
Average nonverbal communication.   

Normal ability to see.     
Normal ability to distinguish colors.     
Normal ability to hear.     
Normal ability to smell.     
Normal sense of touch.  

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