The Board of Adjustment is primarily a quasi-judicial body rather than an advisory or legislative one. Its role in zoning administration is specifically limited to three types of tasks:

  1. The appeal of an administrative decision or interpretation;
  2. The granting of variances for cases of unnecessary hardship; and
  3. Other matters referred to the Board of Adjustment.

In the first case, the responsibility of the Board of Adjustment is to rule on the administrative interpretation of the zoning regulations whenever there is an ambiguous provision or an alleged error. Variances are granted for unusual physical constraints, and the role of the Board of Adjustment is to determine if a variance should be granted in a manner that is consistent with the intent of the zoning regulations and fair to the applicant. The Board of Adjustment is not involved in administering the subdivision regulations.

The Board of Adjustment is comprised of five (5) members, which are elected by the City Council. The members that currently serve on the Board are as follows:

Craig Samp, Chair
Kevin Hall
Rick Drown
Randy Brunken
Betty Coons

This board meets in special session whenever an item is submitted that requires consideration. Meetings are typically held on the third Wednesday of any given month.