The Education Board was formed in 2006 to encourage City of Moberly employees to undertake education programs to improve or maintain job performance, enhance potential for advancement as a result of identified career goals, and selectively augment personal and professional development. The City reimburses up to a set level of expenses incurred by any employee who has successfully completed an approved course of instruction. Successful completion of a course means a grade of “B” or better for undergraduate courses, and a grade of “A” or better for graduate courses.

How do I apply?

  • In order to apply for education assistance, you must do the following:
  • Fill out the application form
  • Fill out the Assessment Worksheet
  • Attach a one-page Essay with the application explaining how the City of Moberly will benefit by furthering your education and how it relates to your job at this time
  • Turn in ALL paperwork to the Personnel Office 45 days prior to starting school semester/trimester
  • The Education Board will then review the applications received and will make the final decision
  • Applicants will be notified by letter whether or not they have been accepted
  • If applicant is accepted and the semester/trimester is completed, then she/he will need to submit final grades for reimbursement
  • Failure to provide required paperwork disqualifies the employee for one year from participating in the education program
  • For further information, you may reference the Personnel Manual, Appendix F, Education Policy, page 76 through page 82.

Where do I acquire the proper forms?

You may print the forms by clicking on the appropriate link below.
These forms may be turned into the office of Personnel.
Assessment Worksheet

Any questions can be directed to City Hall at (660) 263-4420.