Routine Operations
•  Selling Fuel
•  Building and grounds maintenance
•  Communicating runway conditions to air traffic
•  Monitoring conditions of the runway and reporting any hazards
•  Keeping accurate records of fuel sales, hangar and tie down space rentals
•  Monitoring and maintaining runway lights and other navigational aids

Omar N. Bradley Airport, MBY

Mechanical Services Airframe


Power Plant


Tiedowns for Aircraft


Overnight Hangar Storage


Landing Fee


Overnight Camping for Aircraft Flying in


Fuel Type:

100LL, Jet A


The City of Moberly has 100-Octane Av Gas for sale at the Omar Bradley Airport, as well as Jet Fuel available for purchase. The City does offer a charge-account program, with pre-approval by the Public Works Director. If you are purchasing jet fuel, the City must have an Ultimate Purchaser’s Certificate on file, or provided at the time of the purchase. This certificate is available at the Omar N. Bradley Airport. Oil is also available for purchase at $5.95 per quart (plus tax).

Hangar Space

The cost to rent a hangar (if available) is $1,800 annually, due by the 31st of January each year. There are currently five (5) spaces occupied. There are also tie-downs available at $30 per month. There are hangar pads that can be used daily. The City of Moberly accepts credit cards, checks or cash, or charge with prior approval. We do offer after hours service for an additional fee of $25.

08/28/09 12:12 PM CDT 17:12 GMT
Air Temperature 66°F (19°C ) 1st Cloud Layer Overcast at 600 feet
Dew Point 63°F (17°C) 2nd Cloud Layer
Barometric Pressure 30.0 in Hg. 3rd Cloud Layer
Wind Speed 9 mph (8 knots) Density Altitude
Peak Wind Gusts 16 mph (14 knots) Variable Wind Directions
Wind Direction Quadrant(330°) Variable Visibility
Visibility 5 statute miles
Thunderstorm and Precipitation Identification: Mist
Thunderstorm Remarks:
Current METAR Record: METAR KMBY 281715Z AUTO 34006G14KT 5SM BR OVC006 19/17 A3000 RMK AO2

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MoDOT AWOS Locations

•  Hannibal – Hannibal Regional
•  Harrisonville – Lawrence Smith Memorial
•  Lebanon – Floyd W. Jones Lebanon
•  Malden – Malden Regional
•  Marshall – Marshall Memorial Municipal
•  Maryville – Maryville Memorial
•  Mexico – Mexico Memorial
•  Moberly – Omar N. Bradley
•  Nevada – Nevada Municipal
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•  Sikeston – Sikeston Memorial Municipal
•  Sullivan – Sullivan Regional
•  Warsaw – Warsaw Municipal

Magic City Aviation

Magic City Aviation, owned and operated by Graves Sanford, is currently leasing Airport Office Space for services such as pilot training, leasing of airplanes and charter flight services. More information can be had by calling (660) 263-3034.


Three (3) part-time employees accomplish most of the work at the airport. The office is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM seven days per week. It must be noted that not only do these employees accomplish their routine operations, they also act as representatives of our community to visitors using this facility including present and potential industrial or corporate executives and employees.

These employees do an excellent job of operating this facility and should be recognized for portraying a helpful, friendly image for our city.

Available Services

Local Accommodations

•  Best Western
Ph: (660) 263-6540

•  Super 8
Ph: (660) 263-8862

•  Holiday Inn Express
Ph: (660) 263-9700

Golf Courses

•  Wind Mill
Ph: (573) 641-5737

• Heritage Hills
Ph: (660) 269-8659

Camp Grounds

•  Rothwell Park
Thompson Campground
Ph: (660) 998-0143

Dining Establishments

•  El Vaquero
Ph: (660) 263-6336

•  Pizza Hut
Ph: (660) 263-1511

•  Rick’s Americana Grill
Ph: (660) 263-4747

•  China Garden
Ph: (660) 269-9800

•  Lucky’s Last Resort
Ph: (660) 263-1233

•   Santa Fe
Ph: (660) 263-6565


•  Taxi
Ph: (660) 263-7800

Further information on the Omar Bradley Airport may be obtained by contacting the airport directly at (660) 263-4835, or by calling the office of Public Works at (660) 269-8705, ext. 2044.