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Become a Moberly Police Officer 

The Moberly Police Department is accepting applications for the position of Patrol Officer. The department has an authorized strength of 29 Commissioned Officers. The department responded to over 28,000 calls for Police Service in 2016.

Moberly has consistently been chosen for family’s to call home because of the low cost of living, low crime rate, and education level of the community.

Population 13,987 as of the 2012 U.S. Census Bureau Figures

Home to Moberly Area Community College and the Central Christian College.

In 2011, Moberly Regional Medical Center was recognized as one of the 100 Top Hospitals® by Thomson Reuters, a leading provider of information and solutions to improve the cost and quality of healthcare.


Police Department:

  • Annual Salary of $30,250
  • 29 Commissioned Officers
  • 12 Civilian personnel
  • Officers work a twelve-hour day schedule (only work half the days of the month!)
  • Specialized areas include the Detective Unit, Public Relations, School Resource Officer, Training & recruitment officer, Evidence Custodian, Special Weapons and Tactics, and the K9 Unit.


Candidates must:

  • Possess a High School diploma or GED.
  • Be at least 21 years of age by hire date
  • Possess, or must be able to obtain upon offer of employment, a current Missouri POST Certification (Class A Peace Officer License)- minimum of 600 hours per state requirement
  • Not have any serious criminal record entries
  • Maintain a valid Missouri driver’s license and safe driving record
  • Have an excellent work history and attendance record
  • Officers must reside in within 30 minutes of the city of Moberly and be eligible to work in the United States
  • Unfavorable Military record involving an offense equivalent to any of the above is cause for rejection. Circumstances of any conviction for any misdemeanor should be completely detailed. Any conviction may be the basis for disqualification at the discretion of the Moberly Police Department.


Employment Process:

  • may include, but not be limited to:

Background Check
Physical Agility
Mechanical and reasoning
Written Exam
Spelling Exam
Handwriting and Composition
Oral Interview
Pre-Employment Testing

The Moberly Police Department derives its authority from the Statutes of the State of Missouri and the Code of the City of Moberly, Missouri. All employees serve at the pleasure of the City Manager, subject to the Rules and Regulations set forth by the City of Moberly and the Moberly Police Department.

Shift placement and assignment is at the discretion of the Chief of Police.

The Patrol Division participates in a schedule consisting of working 12-hour shifts with every other weekend off. Officers normally work no more than three days and then receive two days off.

Salaries are established and provided for in the annual budget of the City. Increases are based on the employees work performance and development.


Employee Benefits

Health Insurance: The City pays for full individual coverage for the employee. Optional dependent coverage is available.

Dental Insurance: Provided by the city with optional program available for dependent coverage.

Optical: Provide by the city with optional program available for dependent coverage.

Vacation: May be taken after 12 months of service. Vacation is accrued for employees from 1 year to the end of the 4th year at the rate of 3.077 hours per pay period (10 days). Five years to twenty years of service the rate is at 4.616 hours per pay period. (15 days) Twenty to Twenty-Five Years of service is rates at 6.154 hours per pay period (20 days) and over twenty-five years is earned at 7.695 hours per pay period (25 days). Employees may accumulate up to 240 hours of vacation.

Pension: After completing six months of continuous employment, all employees must join LAGERS, a State operated pension plan. The City pays 100% of the pension plan. At the present time Moberly Police Officers can retire with a full benefit under the plan at age 55. The City of Moberly also has the chosen the “80” and out option. This allows that once an Officers year’s of service and their age equals 80 they can retire at full benefit. Presently the City is at the LT-8 level.

Life Insurance: A $20,000 term life insurance policy is provided for each employee with the cost of the policy paid for by the City of Moberly.

Sick Leave: Is accrued at the rate of one day for each month worked. Any authorized sick leave is deducted from the accumulation total. Letter from Physician required on third day or at the request of the department.

Uniform Allowance: All uniforms and equipment are furnished at the time of appointment. After one year a uniform allowance of $750 is banked in the officer’s name.

Overtime: Compensatory Time is paid at the rate of time and one-half for time worked over regular shift hours per FLSA.

Other benefits and personnel matters: covered by the City of Moberly personnel manual and Policy and Procedures of the Moberly Police Department.

Assignments: Shift assignments are made at the discretion of the Chief of Police. Officers are subject to emergency call back at all times. Commanders make duty assignments according to the need for adequate coverage and efficient patrol of the city. Changes of assignments and Platoons are made at the pleasure of the Chief of Police.

Salary: Starting salary is $30,250.00.

Contract: All new employees are required to enter into a three-year contract. This contract covers reimbursement to the city for costs of equipment and training provided to the officer should they leave the department within three years. It is prorated at 100% the first year, 75% the second year and 50% the third year.

Probation Period: 1 Year.


City of Moberly-Personnel Office
101 West Reed Street
Moberly, Missouri 65270

Moberly Police Department
300 North Clark Street / Moberly, Missouri 65270