The Moberly Wastewater Treatment Facility replaced two trickling filter plants in 1997. The construction of the new facility was financed by SRF funds through a 1.2 cent sales tax passed by the voters of Moberly. Facilities include a dual cell SBR, 2 aerobic digesters, sludge storage basin, and a post equalization basin that equalizes effluent flow and increases dissolved oxygen prior to discharge to an unclassified stream.  Plans are being developed for an ultra violet disinfection process.

Plant Operations

Since the City of Moberly is a combined sewer community, additional storage and primary treatment exist at three points in the sewer collection system. Two lagoons at the sites of the two old plants were converted to storm water holding basins for peak flow storage during rain events. These lagoons provide storage of storm water for small rain events, and are permitted as overflows if the rain water exceeds the storage capacity.

Once the rain events are over, water is then pumped back into the sewer systems and treated at the Wastewater Treatment Facility.

There is also a swirl concentrator at another combined sewer system outfall, with additional storage for small rain events. Each combined sewer overflow is monitored daily, and rain event overflows are monitored for BOD, TSS and ammonia.

Sludge digestion occurs in two aerobic digesters, and is then transferred to a sludge holding basin prior to being land applied by a self-reacting sludge gun that sprays the biosolids on a City-owned 180 acre farm adjacent to the Wastewater Treatment Facility.

Plant personnel also are responsible for lift station monitoring and maintenance. There are currently 13 lift stations in Moberly, and each lift station is checked daily for proper operation. An aggressive maintenance program was started 2 years ago after a condition and capacity study was completed by Jacobs Engineering.

In addition to the collection system improvements, an ultraviolet disinfection process will be added to the wastewater treatment plant.  This project will be funded by the remaining SRF funds and stimulus funding.  Construction of the disinfection process is expected to begin in January 2010.

Contact Information

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