Routine Street Department Operations include:

* Street repairs (concrete and asphalt patching).
* Sign replacement.
* Gravel streets and alleys are rocked and graveled.
* Grass, brush, tree limbs on rights of way, alleys, and other city owned properties are cut.
* Litter is picked up.
* Storm drains are cleaned.
* Curbs are repaired or replaced.
* Snow removal, salt and sand spread as needed.
* Equipment maintenance repair and servicing is done.
* Facility maintenance and repair are done.
* Brush is ground for mulch.
* Compost, mulch, waste dirt, concrete, and asphalt transported to the landfill for use.
* Driveway culverts are installed or cleaned.
* Substandard sidewalks are removed for replacement by owners.
* Preparation work for the asphalt overlay program is completed.
* Assistance is given to the Sanitation Department as needed.
* Assistance in preparation for Memorial Day at Oakland
* Cemetery is given as needed.
* Pavement Crack sealing is applied.
* Assist other Departments as needed.

Other Information

In addition to routine work done by this division of the department, the following was also completed:

Routine Service 179 units 451 hours
Maintenance 939 units 3,563 hours
Work on Catch Basins 81 hours
Odd jobs, paper work 583 hours
Work at Recycle Building 70 hours
Upkeep and repair of Fuel Tanks 20 hours
Work on Bids for Equipment Surplus Sales 55 hours

streetbarnThese employees are responsible for maintaining the City’s vehicles and equipment. This department works on everything from Police cars to refuse trucks to lawnmowers to bulldozers and everything in between. Proper maintenance of equipment assures continued protection of the City’s investment, safe-equipment for employees’ use, and projects a positive image to the taxpayers. Computers are being utilized to keep track of maintenance and repairs completed, and schedule regular preventive maintenance. This will assure all equipment is maintained in a timely manner, reducing breakdowns and associated costs.

These employees are also called upon to fabricate special tools or equipment for specific jobs and have proven to be quite creative in recycling or reusing materials in order to save money or labor for the City. If any department has an equipment problem they can count on this Division to help find a solution. These employees are doing an excellent job of finding ways to save money on repairs and strive to help all of the departments of the City however possible.

With only two full time and four or five seasonal employees, an outstanding job of maintaining and operating the cemetery has been done. The grounds looked very good for Memorial Day and throughout the summer of 2007. The City has received numerous compliments on the job the employees have done. Larry Schermerhorn, the Cemetery Sexton, is also being utilized for duties at the Omar Bradley Airport.Information regarding the Oakland Cemetery, or to inquire about the purchase of a lot can be had by contacting the Public Works Department at the City Clerk’s office at (660) 269-8705 x2052.

Contact Information

Elmer Wiggington
Street Superintendent



MikeGMike Gittemeier
Assistant Street

Hours of Operation: 
7:00 am- 3:30 pm; Monday – Friday
Compost site:  Monday – Friday; 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm


Paving and Overlay

Transportation Trust Fund

With the Council’s support, much improvement has been realized in the past few years to the City’s roadways due to the funds made available by the Transportation Trust Fund sales tax. We have received much positive feedback from the residents of the City who appreciate these improvements. APAC was awarded the low bid for the 2008 Street Improvements project. Streets scheduled to undergo construction are as follows:

The City would like to express its gratitude to the City Council for their support, the residents for their patience (considering the inconvenience these projects sometimes cause), and the Street and Water crews for the extra effort they give to assure the successful completion of these projects.

Reclamite-370x278The City of Moberly utilized a Reclamite application during the widening of Williams Street. Analytically, South Williams had a 37% decrease in viscosity from the original value and a 27% increase in penetration from the original value. What this means is the Reclamite has reversed the pavements aging process. The product has slowed the aging effect and thus extended the pavements normal life cycle. A larger penetration and lower viscosity suggests that the pavement has an improved flexibility and deterioration in the asphalt pavement will be reduced. In simple terms, life has been added to the pavement. If the viscosity came out higher than the original value and the penetration came out lower than the original value, the pavement would harden faster with more cracks appearing sooner. Basically, the street would be deteriorating quicker. In a simple sense, Reclamite has injected essential ingredients back into the asphalt in order to reverse the aging process and not affect the structure of the pavement. Viscosity and penetration are two key components that influence how fast a pavement deteriorates. This is without factoring in base failure.