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Federal Tax Burdens and Expenditures

Missouri is a Beneficiary State state-of-Missouri-Map

Missouri taxpayers receive among the most amount of federal funding per dollar of federal taxes paid. Per dollar of federal tax collected in 2005, Missouri citizens received approximately $1.32 in the way of federal spending.

This ranks the state 17th highest nationally and represents a slight rise from 1992 when Missouri received $1.25 per dollar of taxes in federal spending, ranking it also 17th highest nationally.

Neighboring states and the federal spending received per dollar of federal tax collected were:
• Iowa ($1.10) placed 24th
• Nebraska ($1.10) placed 25th
• Kansas ($1.12) placed 2nd
• Oklahoma ($1.36) placed 15th
• Arkansas ($1.41) placed 14th
• Tennessee ($1.27) placed 19th
• Kentucky ($1.51) placed 9th
• Illinois ($.75) placed 45th

City Taxes
The following is a breakdown of taxes for residents of the City of Moberly.

Real Estate and Property Tax 2013

$1.0362 per $100 of assessed value:
• $.7078 goes to the General Fund
• $.3284 goes to the Park Fund

City of Moberly Sales Tax

• Sales Tax 1%
City of Moberly Other Tax Rates

• Transportation Sales Tax 0.5%
• Capital Improvement Sales Tax 0.5%
• Park Sales Tax 0.5%

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