Matt Everts Recognized


The City of Moberly would like to congratulate Matt Everts, Chief Operator of the Drinking Water Treatment Plant on his recent award.  Matt was awarded Drinking Water Treatment Plan “Operator of the Year” for the Northeast section of the Water and Wastewater Conference on April 8, 2008 in Macon, Missouri.

Matt began his drinking water treatment career in 1994 while in the Marines.  He has treated water in Japan, Okinawa, Thailand and Puerto Rico before settling in at Moberly’s drinking water treatment plant as Chief Operator in July of 2002.  Members of the Northeast Section of the Water and Wastewater Conference Board of Directors and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources nominated Matt for this prestigious award. “As far as the award goes”, Matt replied,” I really don’t have much to say. I am just trying to make sure that me and my guys are working every day to put out the safest water possible.” Keith Phipps, Director of Public Utilities, said, “Matt takes great pride in the quality of the water that is produced under his direction. He is diligent in plant operations and is on top of any changes in the raw water quality that may need to be addressed in order to maintain the consistent level of quality drinking water leaving the filtration plant.  He has also championed numerous treatment plant upgrades and much-needed renovations since he came on board with the City. I am fortunate to have Matt as our Chief Water Plant Operator. His hard work and constant vigilance ensure area residents that plenty of clean, safe drinking water is always available at their fingertips.” Turn on the tap and see for yourself!