Storm Water Management Program

This site has been created to raise awareness in the community about the effects of storm water pollution on our local watershed and the steps that can be taken to help manage the problem.

Please explore the site to find information on Storm Water Pollution Prevention, Storm Water Management Plans, Local Watersheds, Area Lakes and Waterways and much more.
Get involved at whatever level you can! Please feel free to contact us with related issues, concerns and questions.

Purpose and Scope

The purpose of Moberly’s Storm Water Management Program (SWMP) is to plan, develop and implement activities to effectively minimize nonpoint source pollution created by storm water runoff. Storm water management is the process of controlling and processing rain event runoff in a manner that does not harm the environment or human health. Storm water management begins with an understanding that every piece of land is part of a watershed, land for which all drainage flows to a common outlet. Protecting Sugar Creek Lake, the City’s drinking water supply is a top priority addressed in Moberly’s SWMP. Also included in the program are Rothwell and Waterworks Lakes along with area creeks and streams. The intention is to utilize City employees, area groups, organization and concerned citizens to protect our local watershed from the impacts of urban storm water runoff.

Program Overview

The City of Moberly’s Storm Water Management Program is permitted and conducted according to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ state storm water regulations and requirements. State storm water regulations promote consistency among local Storm Water Management Programs by developing technical criteria and administrative procedures. Storm water management programs operated according to the law are intended to address the adverse impacts created by storm water runoff. The program addresses issues regarding public education and involvement, land development activities to prevent water pollution, stream channel erosion, pollution of local waterways and lakes, and localized flooding to protect property values and natural resources. This affords Moberly the opportunity to manage the quality of the storm water runoff generated within the City, before it enters local lakes and waterways. The Director of Public Utilities oversees the City of Moberly’s Storm Water Management Program. All Departments within the City are involved in the activities outlined in the program. The City of Moberly invites, encourages and needs citizens in and around Moberly to become involved in the City’s Storm Water Management Program. Any questions, comments, concerns and/or ideas on what may be needed can be submitted to:

Contact Information

GeriAnn-BlakeyGeri Ann Blakey
Water Quality Coordinator

1553 East Rollins Street
Moberly, MO  65270
Ph: (660) 263-7164
Fax: (660) 263-9398

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