Street Sweeping

Keeping Streets Clean

The City of Moberly purchased this Ford truck with a Tymco sweeper in 1997 at a cost of nearly $100,000. During 2005 more than 600 man-hours went into sweeping 984 streets. 

This amounted to 380 tons of street sweepings. 380 tons of litter, leaves and trash that would other wise get washed into the storm drains and eventually end up in area lakes, creeks and waterways. 


Often, if left in the street, the litter and trash will create a blockage in the storm drain during a rain and the street will flood. During heavy rains, the street may become impassable due to high water.

Street Sweeping vehicle

The largest and most problematic cause of storm drain blockage is litter. This means the easiest, most effective means of preventing storm drain blockages is keeping litter off the streets. Jim Belcher and the City's street sweeper will remain vigilant in their duty, but is asking for help from area citizens.

Please Don't Litter

It is that simple. Proper disposal of trash will reduce pollution in our area lakes, creeks and rivers and the possibility of storm drain blockage and street flooding. The next time you see Jim Belcher on the job, wave. Let him know you are doing your part to keep litter off the streets.