Voting Precinct & Information

Wards & Precincts

The City of Moberly is divided into 4 wards and the wards are divided into precincts. Ward 1 has 2 precincts, Ward 2 has 3 precincts, Ward 3 has 3 precincts and Ward 4 has 2 precincts.

When there is an election, there are voting precincts (polling places) within the different wards and precincts. Usually the voting precincts (polling places) are as follows:

Ward 1

  • First and Second Precinct - Jefferson Avenue Methodist Church

Ward 2

  • First Precinct - Moberly City Hall
  • Second and Third Precinct - YMCA

Ward 3

  • First Precinct - Moberly City Hall
  • Second and Third Precinct - Moberly Area Community College

Ward 4

  • First and Second Precinct - Emmanual Baptist Church

The above voting precincts (polling places) may not be the same at every election. If the election is small, there may only be one or two voting precincts open.

Voter Registration

Residents within the City of Moberly may obtain a voter’s registration form at the office of the City Clerk:
101 West Reed Street
Moberly, MO 65270

Additional Information

Anyone with any questions may obtain further information by contacting the City Clerk’s office at 660-269-8705, ext. 2052.